The Nix to the Six parliamentary party is the mother party for all focus parties

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The non-profit association Nix to the Six is registered as a political party and intends to take part in the September parliamentary elections this year. The purpose is to act as an umbrella party for all participating focus parties and — with innovative electoral cooperation — broaden the impact of the will of the people in the Swedish parliament

The goal is to gather enough old and new parties and party formations to get past the threshold of 4 percent, which corresponds to around 300,000 votes.

The black bar to the right in the chart below shows how votes and mandates for the Nix to the Six party grows during the election campaign until the election day of September 11, 2022. The chart data shown is the sum total of all the focus parties’ protest votes.

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This portal allows you to create a focus party for an issue of great personal concern

The purpose is to make it easy for the focus parties — under the Nix to the Six party — to pass the Parliament four percent treshold. Once in Parliament, each focus party becomes a parliamentary group that pursues its focus issue. The overall aim is to bring competent people to the Parliament. The purpose is also tu use political focus issues as driving forces to solve the many acute problems in Sweden. The focus parties will function as a powerful third block as two blocks combined outnumber the remaining one.

It gives the full decision making power back to the Parliament, back to the people. In other matters in Parliament, direct democracy is applied. This is carried out by internal party votes that determine how the MPs of the focus parties will vote in all issues other than the focus ones. You are welcome to join a focus party and during the next term of office be able to influence how Sweden is governed.

Where did the previous Nix to the Six website go?

The two election platforms that previously where here are now available from each focus party website.The blog remains and there are also blogs to be found on the focus party websites.

This website manages the Nix to the Six parliamentary party. if you want to join the Nix to the Six non-profit association, click the members option at the top right.

With Nix to the Six – Democracy for real!